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Black Lightning follows the title character — Jefferson Pierce played by Cress Williams — a retired superhero with the ability to harness electricity, who becomes the headmaster at a high school. He returns to fighting crime when a local gang — The One Hundred — threatens citizens in the community. Since its debut, the show has received acclaim for its maturity, and portrayal of race and sexuality, and has been renewed for a second season. It returned for a second instalment in April The series has received widespread praise since its debut for its portrayal of mental health, female sexuality and parenting, with Bloom receiving a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Logan Browning, Brandon P.

Based on the film of the same name, Dear White People tells the story of several black college students at Winchester University, an Ivy League institution, and often touches upon issues surrounding modern American race relations. Icons Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as two unlikely friends who bond after their husbands leave them… for each other. The Haunting of Hill House is, honestly, fucking terrifying. Based on the novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, the series recalls the paranormal events witnessed by the Crain family in , and the aftermath 26 years later.

Academy Award winner Viola Davis stars as Annalise Keating, a law professor who becomes entangled in a murder plot with five of her students — one of which is playboy Connor Walsh Falahee , who embarks on a relationship with computer programmer Oliver Hampton Ricamor. Jane the Virgin stars Gina Rodriguez as the title character, who becomes pregnant via artificial insemination after a checkup at her gynaecologist.

53 Queer TV Shows To Stream On Netflix

Yes — straight out of a telenovela! The series follows her journey as she balances two love interests, Michael Dier and the Rafael, the father of her child Baldoni. The first season was universally acclaimed by critics for its approach to sexuality, and depiction of darker topics such as rape, assault and PTSD.

Created and produced by Brit Marling, The OA follows Prairie Johnson also Marling , a young woman who returns to her hometown after having been missing for seven years. Before her disappearance, Prairie was blind, but she can now see — which she claims is down to a supernatural force. Over the course of two seasons, Prairie and her friends one of which includes a young trans boy discover things they never would have thought possible; portals into other dimensions and realities.

Her performance led to the American actress being nominated for an Emmy, making her the first transgender person to be nominated for such an award. This year, the show was cancelled by Netflix which subsequently caused a massive uproar from fans on social media. Riverdale, which is based on characters from the iconic Archie Comics, is known for providing plenty of adorable couples for viewers to obsess over, but none gets us more excited than Cheryl Blossom Petsch and Toni Topaz.

The series is also known for its explicit sex scenes and no-holds-barred orgies, which regularly bring the whole cast together for some intense on-screen love-making…. Netflix original coming-of-age dramedy Sex Education follows a sexually awkward teenager living with his sex therapist mother, and his friendship with gay character Eric. The series is one of the funniest comedies currently on television, and features pansexual character David, played ever so brilliantly by Dan Levy. All four seasons are available to view now on Netflix UK.

Whatever, we went there. Star Trek: It also received positive reviews for its inclusion of a queer character portrayed by Robert Sheehan.

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Need a new TV series to watch? While the rest of his family plots for power, the new season will reveal if the singer can keep the respect of his once-homophobic father he's worked so hard to earn. The Trump administration, with its relentless attacks on the news media, spurred journalists like Dan Rather to come out of retirement to defend the freedom of the press. Get ready, honey! Adam Rippon. You may be asking, "Wait, Modern Family is still on? The 10th and last season premieres this fall — with the hope from some reviewers that the show will severely shake things up before the final send-off.

Though the mockumentary style has worn thin for many viewers, let's not forget how groundbreaking the critically acclaimed show was when it premiered in September — a male couple raising a child were two of the main characters.

Cam and Mitchell got knocked for their sexless existence, but many think their portrayal of loving dads to little Lily helped soften gay folks to America. What awaits Cam and Mitchell in this season is unclear, save for the fact that they are now taking care of Cal, a little boy whose mother is in jail.


Atypical , created by Robia Rashid, made television history last year for its lead character, Sam Keir Gilchrist , a teenager with autism. Through Sam, viewers of the Netflix show could understand the struggles that come from living with a developmental disorder as well as the impact on a family. Many queer fans could also relate to Sam and his difficulty fitting into a society that was not made for them. Rachel Bloom is back for a final season portraying the Ivy League lawyer who still clumsily falls in and out of love like the rest of us.

LisaGay Hamilton, who won hearts on The Practice back in the day, plays Colonel Kayla Price, a queer woman of color and an astronaut who champions the importance of science in a planned mission to Mars that comes on the heels of one that ended in swift disaster. A welcome break from the standard all-American cheering on for the space race, The First takes into consideration issues like funding the space program when environmental and social programs to help people lack money. Super-producer Greg Berlanti and the CW continue to provide some of the most forward-thinking queer representation in television with the ever-growing list of LGBTQ characters on the superhero-themed shows.

The Flash premieres October 9 at 8 p. The CW superhero world has a reputation for being big on LGBTQ representation, but that universe really outdid itself with Black Lightning , about a family of superheroes of color who battle racism amd other social problems by day and villains by night. The series's second season promises a lot more from our new favorite crime-fighting family, especially since the daughters are just fully coming into their powers. If that weren't enough, the show boasts the coolest theme song and soundtrack of any on TV. While transphobic Trump supporter Roseanne Barr was fired in the wake of her racist tweet, for which she made lame excuses, the show will go on for the working-class Conner family in the fictional Midwestern town of Lanford.

But the cultural significance of this sitcom does not end there. On Black-ish , intersectional, heartfelt storytelling is just a given. The candid look at blackness, family, and suburbia is full of teaching moments that never feel didactic. Emmy nominations aside, the last season has earned a percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it's worth the watch if you want to be educated or entertained. The show, which is to feature a queer woman of color — Deborah Fields, a.

I Love You, America

Debril — as one of the titular heroes, was set to air on Freeform this fall, but the network reportedly couldn't find a time slot for it despite the high quality of the pilot, featuring Kate Comer as Debril, Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl a fan favorite from the comics , and other talented young actors. So the producers are shopping it around, and it may yet find a home; it's been speculated that Freeform parent ABC is interested.

So stay tuned! The sixth and final season of this political potboiler will have President Claire Underwood Robin Wright front and center — her husband, former president Frank Underwood, is now dead. Disgraced gay harasser Kevin Spacey, who played Frank, was fired from the Netflix show after dozens of his accusers went public. So get ready for eight Cards episodes where conniving Claire runs the world — Hillary had the presidency stolen from her, but at least we can live vicariously through Claire Underwood.

You should have known. All Access. America Ferrera has stepped up as a major voice of The Resistance, and her sitcom, which explores class and family, is no exception. The Next Generation.

Since The Bad Seed — the film version — is a camp classic, we're very invested in this Lifetime remake, airing Sunday night. A horror film about a literal girl from hell, the original movie was silly, shocking, and, at times, terrifying. The dynamic between the mother and daughter is at the heart of the movie, so swapping the maternal character for a paternal one played by executive producer Rob Lowe is a tad concerning.

We'll keep our minds open for Mckenna Grace, the nowyear-old actress tackling this devilishly rich role. The gimmick of the blind audition and the big reveal! Scratch under the surface of The Marvelous Mrs. Apa is in jail, and the gang is trying to free him. The series kicked off two seasons ago with unabashed gay character Kevin Keller Casey Cott.

The series amped up its queer quotient last season with the introduction of bisexual woman of color and all-around badass Toni Topaz Vanessa Morgan , who befriends Jughead Cole Sprouse , and romances the most wonderfully bitchy resident of Riverdale, Cheryl Blossom Madelaine Petsch.


The Greatest Gay (LGBT) Series & Movies You Could Ever See - IMDb

Following Cheryl's realization that she was bisexual, the pair became a full-on couple, and arguably the cutest on TV. Add to all of that Betty Lili Reinhart and Veronica's Camila Mendes close friendship, which has launched a few internet "ships" of its own. Showtime's longest-running scripted series premieres its ninth season on Sunday. This year, the large, dysfunctional Chicago family that makes up Shameless seems to have more serious concerns than the usual drinking and carousing. Meanwhile, expect more sexual exploration from liberated Ian Gallagher.

This season, for the first time, the time-traveling, regenerating Doctor will take the form of a woman: The 13th Doctor will be portrayed by by Jodie Whittaker. Some cast members have intimated that this Doctor will be bisexual and will have a same-sex relationship, but there has been no confirmation on that.

At any rate, the beloved sci-fi series has long been LGBTQ-inclusive and culturally diverse, and you can expect that to continue. This Is Us is one of the best series on network television. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley, it is an intersectional ode to the ties that bind, rather than the violence and divisiveness that pervades other arenas of culture. All Rights Reserved. So relax, pull up a chair, and happy viewing!

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